Element Energy

Element Energy is a dynamic and growing technology consultancy specialising in the robust and intelligent analysis of low and zero carbon energy. Our key vision statement is to see net zero carbon achieved as rapidly as needed to avoid damage to human and environmental well-being by:

  • Bringing rigorous analysis and sharp insight for key decision makers
  • Being prepared to tackle complex questions using expertise across the most carbon intensive sectors
  • Initiating zero-carbon projects with the right scale and ambition
  • Working on a complete portfolio of technologies and societal solutions which are required for deep decarbonisation.

Our work involves innovative new concepts and is fundamental to the shift to a low carbon future and the mitigation of climate change. We help both public and private sector organisations develop their decarbonisation strategies, technologies, policies and projects through evidence-based investigations. We also work with a wide range of clients and partners to demonstrate and commercialise new technologies to enable the transition. Our teams span all key areas of low carbon energy: transport, buildings, hydrogen and fuel cells, industry and CCUS, energy networks and smart energy systems. We pride ourselves on the strength of our analysis; we work closely with our clients, aiming to exceed their expectations and solve the challenges of climate change together.

Smart Energy systems - Element Energy is currently hiring for our Smart Energy Systems Team (and other teams), which includes assessing the complex interactions in the energy system between generation, demand, storage, and the required infrastructure. An example of the teams work can be found here.